Rotary scrubbers


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Make your floors sparkle with the new PS-001

Can be used on any surface

Designed to strip, Wax, Buff, Polish, Sand & Refinish hard floor surfaces

  • 250 Watt power
  • 13" / 33cm Width
  • 150 rpm Work speed
  • Gross weight 14.8 kg
  • Comes with Soft brush, Hard brush, Pad holder
  • Microfibre pad and Pollishing pad


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The ultimate cordless, high torque, lightweight, multi-purpose cleaning machine
Oates® MotorScrubber an ultimate scrubber, quickly and effortlessly cleans your  washrooms, showers, stairs, skirting/baseboards, windows, swimming pools, motor vehicles and other hard to clean areas.

Motorscrubber Starter Kit includes: Motorhead complete with hub, backpack harness, 12 volt battery, battery charger, telescopic handle, medium duty brush, pad holder, green scrubbing pad, red cleaning pad, white buffing pad and microfibre pad.


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The LoLine range of low profile floor machines has been developed to be smaller in size, lighter in weight, compact and convenient in storage whilst, at the same time, being quick and easy to use without loss of performance.
The LoLine 332 can claim performance characteristics equal to that of bigger, more industrial machines with a full range of 33cm (13″) brushes and pad drives, a total weight of only 18kg, an operating speed of 200rpm – it’s fast and


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Ideal rotary machine for hard floor cleaning, carpet shampooing & bonnet cleaning
Made in UK
    • Ideal for carpet shampooing & bonnet mopping.
    • The clever design has an off set motor and handle assembly for perfect balance unlike older designs where the machine would ‘run away’ with you.
    • High Productivity, 1100 watt motor.
    • No corrosion means less maintenance.


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With its enhanced power and performance the NPR-1515 provides a genuine ‘workhorse’ that will take almost anything in its stride.


*Brush not included but available

The full 1500 Watt motor unit packs almost 50% more power than normally required and this power is transmitted to the floor through our long established 150rpm, oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox.

The big advantage of excess power is to provide scope for many additional tasks where the excess power is both advantageous and needed.

Crystallization, floor sanding, scarifying, adding 10 kg or 20 kg of extra weight, all of these can be accommodated with this standard machine.

All NuPower models also incorporate our exclusive ATC (Automatic Torque Control system) that monitors operational load and boosts torque as required to provide consistent performance and varying load conditions. With a full range of brushes, pad drives and accessories, you have in the NPR-1515 a machine you can trust, day in day out, year after year.


SAVE $100
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To run consistently at extra high speeds needs the full NPR-1545 specification and the results truly show what it’s made of.

Here you have a burnisher with a full 1500 Watt power unit… an oil filled 450 rpm planetary gearbox… ATC Automatic Torque Control that monitors
operation and boosts torque as required; ensuring constant operational performance.

ATC is particularly useful when spray cleaning at these higher speeds.

There is a selection of brushes and pad drives, allowing a complete selection of polishing heads to achieve the desired results on a whole variety of floor surfaces with a whole range of different chemical preparations.

The machine is particularly applicable to high-gloss finishes and, similarly, will be found to be exceptional when dry pad stripping a floor and burnishing after resealing the surface – all with the one machine.


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Low speed, single disc 17" scrubber polisher.

Complete with tank, brush and pad holder.

Designed for medium duty applications where hard
floor scrubbing and cleaning is required.
• Automatic lock off when the handle is in 90 degree
vertical position.
• Soft start and automatic brush start
• Aluminium base, triple planetary gear box and low
noise from motor and gears make this a robust,
easy to use machine.
• Ideally suited for indoor cleaning of hotels,
restaurants, schools, shopping malls and
exhibition centres

Technical Data LS160
Input Volts 240
Rated Power Watts 1300
IP Protection Class IPX4
Cleaning Width mm 432
Brush/Pad Diameter mm 432
Brush/Pad Speed rpm 160
Tank Capacity L 10
Cable Length m 10
Net Weight kg 35.2
Machine Dimensions LxWxH mm 620x370x1150


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High speed single disc 17" machine for scrubbing and buffing hard floors.

Simple to use and efficient  high speed single disc machine. HS350 is the perfect solution for hard floor scrubbing and for heavy-duty cleaning

Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning of hotels,