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Perfect for carparks, petrol stations, factories and warehouses.


  • 4 Year Warranty on brush wear
  • iSweep allows the gears to be self lubricating without wear
  • Overlaying disc brushes for better performance
  • Brush height adjustment to clean various types of surfaces
  • Brush down holder and wall/curb roller
  • Unique beltless drive for durability and ease of use
  • Intelligent Airflow System to minimise dust
  • Sweeping wet or dry
  • Telescopic height adjustable handle
  • Vertical storage to save space
  • Perfect for industrial areas such as carparks, petrol stations, car dealerships, warehouses & factories
  • Sweeping Performance (per hour) 3,600m2
  • Sweep Width: 97cm Waste Bin Capacity: 50L